Tehran, Iran
Tehran, Iran

Maral Print

Packaging wrapper printing factory with more than half a century of experience

A leader in the printing and packaging industry

Having the most up-to-date printing and packaging machines in Europe

With the aim of providing quality

Our goal in the last half century of activity has been to provide the best quality and service to our customers.

Having a young and expert workforce
A work team consisting of experts and young people with long experience
Having the most up-to-date devices
Using modern European devices made in Germany, France and Italy
Having high production capacity
Ability to produce packaging products with fast printing machines

Equipped with updated machines

By upgrading and updating machines and using printing devices for European packaging products from Germany, France and Italy, this collection brought a tremendous change in the field of producing high-quality printed products.

Our effort at Maral Print Group is to provide high quality services and products, and in this regard, we use advanced machines with high speed and accuracy for our production.

Production speed and power
All the machines of the collection are at high speed and have sufficient production capacity.
Accuracy and elegance
The output of our products is welcomed by consumers with strict and sensitive quality control.

More than 0 satisfied customers

Choose with ease!

Maral Print Group has had the honor of working with top brands and producers in the country. Some of these producers can be mentioned as Mino Company, Tarkhineh Company, One and One Company, and Pegah Company, which are producers who are sensitive to quality control and value the provision of quality products.